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Code of Conduct

Wed Jan 16, 2013 7:10 pm

Rogu3 Chat Code of Conduct:

In order for your experience here to be safe, easy, and enjoyable, there is a number of simple guidelines we need you to follow.

- We are a free service and we do not ask for your money. If you wish to donate that is fine.

- We do allow minors to join, however they must have parental consent. Not all of the content that can be viewed here is safe for children so we ask that parents watch there minor children activities carefully.

- We do not tolerate racism of any kind.

- We do not tolerate spamming/flooding URLs of other networks, nor do we want you to spam/flood our links, sharing with your friends is fine, in fact please do.

- We are not liable for any thing transmitted though our network. If there is a problem we will try to actively fix the problem on our end, however you the user are responsible for any thing on your end.

- You are responsible for your own actions and any information you choose to share as such, you will be judge on what you do, not what others are doing.

Know the rules:

Chatting is much like going to house party. You may or may not know the other people there. When you go your expected to treat the other guest with respect.

You would not go about shouting, being rude, fighting or breaking things. You would not want to be treated poorly nor would any one else so you can understand these rules are very simple to follow.

- No Flooding the rooms or the servers.

- No Abusing other users, or staff.

- No use of staff names in any forum Guide,Sysop, or Admin or use of staff set aside prefixes '

- No Spamming other networks in our rooms or our links on other servers rooms.

- No illegal drug talk.

- No hate talk.

- User controled rooms reserver the right to kick and or deny access to the room they run.

- Unattended registered rooms will close in 10 days

- You can share links like youtube, blog post facebook, and many other sites like these listed.

- You can joke and have fun, just keep it respectful of the other users.

Breaking these rules can lead to warnings, Kicks, Bans, Server Bans, and Perm Ban with legal action taken depending on the rule and how far you push it.

We reserve the right to, at any time, deny entry and/or restrict access to part or all of this network. We also reserve the right to, at any time, change and/or edit the Code of Conduct without notice

We just want to have a safe friendly place to chat and share it with you.

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