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Updates to come

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 3:10 pm
by whatnot
Things to come in next update for IRC and web chat:

Webchat: few new added Emotes , new away system , bug fixs for fronts and emote

IRC: auto M mode with auto voice this means the users will be voice when join room and because M mode will be set by default if user devoice the user will be muted (unless m mode it turn off)

Q: when will the next update be?
A: At this time I can not give you a timeline when the next update will be sorry.

Q: With the bug on front and emotes does it mean chat is broken?
A: Hell no lol the chat is stable and working it just when you try to type emotes in some format it wont display this is to due to front and emote bug.

Q: I have a few ideas and request were do I post them?
A: You can post them at viewforum.php?f=40. :D

Rogu3 Team